We offer a variety of services to our clients including

ECDIS + VTS-Systems

Virtual ECDIS and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS-) Systems environments 

Bridge Simulation

Bridge Simulation for HMI experiments with 3 interconnected full mission simulators with ship dynamics for Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) experiments

Maritime Traffic Simulation

Maritime Traffic Simulation to generate traffic situation and situational basis for sensor data generation.

Dynamic simulation

Multibody and hydrodynamic simulation

Mobile ECDIS and VTS Verification and Validation Environments

Mobile ECDIS and VTS Verification and Validation Environments

Research Boats

Research platform (Research Boats) with standard sensors.

Reference Waterway

Reference Waterway with traffic surveillance sensors and communication environment.


Modular sensor technology on board and ashore configurable data bus

Near Collision Database

Knowledge basis for risk analysis, ground truth for verification and validation.

Scenario Database

Scenario Database for scenario bases verification and validation.

High-precision maps

Data basis for the presentation of high-precision nautical charts.


Research Projects

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Years Of Real Sensor Data


Scientific Publications


Research Vessels


We are working on these projects right now

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The aim of the project is to develop a ship-independent assistance system "SmartKai" installed at the port. On the basis of a novel, locally distributed and laser-based sensor system, the assistance system will be used to develop a consistent situation picture for different target groups in a prototypical way in order to avoid accidents and damage to the port infrastructure and to directly identify the causers.

IntelliMar's overall goal is to improve the existing capabilities of automated anomaly detection, processing and perception in the North Sea and Baltic Sea area by 20%. For this purpose, subordinate tasks and objectives were formulated which, through new methods and technologies, enable improvements in the three sub-areas of intelligent data analysis, task-oriented information distribution as well as display and operating concepts.

The objective of EASE is to make the most complex and critical steps in the investigation of incidents at sea more efficient and provide optimal support through adequate assistance and automation.

A overview of all eMir-Projects


eMIR-services are implemented in cooperation with industry and research partners around the globe

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Industrial Technology Roadmap for Maritime Safety and Highly Automated Systems

Digitalization is going to change our way to operate, navigate, communicate and control maritime systems. Digitalization fosters disruptive innovations, which lead to new thinking, products and finally business models. Opportunities for the maritime industry are countless. Global competition is fierce but full of chances.Four lead applications are identified by systematically analyzing the current position of the industry and by reviewing the actual normative background in joined workshops with the industry. The applications are detailed and discussed with respect to other global activities, relevant technologies and research activities.