eMIR Industry Days 26th – 27th APRIL 2018

eMIR Industry Days 2018

At the eMIR Industry Days in Hamburg on 26 and 27 April 2018, international experts discussed the development of secure systems for eNavigation with an excellent view of the lively shipping traffic in front of the St. Pauli landing bridges.

On the first day OFFIS board member Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Hahn opened the event. The participating industrial companies, research institutions and authorities exchanged views on new technologies for highly automated maritime systems. The main topics were system engineering, safety and security, verification and validation, high automation, artificial intelligence and technology development platforms.

The second day was dedicated to the development of a technology roadmap for safe maritime systems. This roadmap will be further developed by the NMMT Working Group on Civil Maritime Security for presentation at the Status Conference on Maritime Technologies in December and as input for the European research programmes this summer.

Opening of the eMIR test field by the partners of the Actress project

The evening event at the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency was the ideal opportunity to open the eMIR test field with its virtual and physical test environments by the partners of the ACTRESS project. The manifold points of contact and possibilities of use of eMIR have aroused great interest.

You can follow the eMIR Industry Days 2018 programme of the event again.

Many thanks to our partners and guests for the successful eMIR Industry Days 2018.

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